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JDC Archives Website as a Scholarly Resource in the Digital Age

JDC Archives Website as a Scholarly Resource in the Digital AgeSep 29, 2016 Rachel Deblinger, digital humanist, discusses connection between JDC Archives, technology, and history. As Director of the Digital Scholarship Commons at the Library of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Rachel Deblinger assists the campus community with the uses and methods of digital humanities. Her academic background as a historian of Jewish and Holocaust history adds a unique layer to her expertise as a digital humanist. Deblinger is no stranger to the JDC Archives. Her dissertation about American Jewish philanthropy and the shaping of Holocaust survivor...

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Cultivating Artists on Cyprus: The Rutenberg Seminar

Cultivating Artists on Cyprus: The Rutenberg SeminarJun 23, 2016   “Cyprus is one stop on the road of suffering on the way to the land of Israel. It means thorny barbed wire fences, forced idleness, and degeneration. Even in this existence there was life. Friends from the camp in Cyprus tell about this life in this book.” –Students of the Rutenberg Seminar, album (Cyprus, c. 1948). In August 1946, the British government initiated a policy of deporting Jews who tried to enter Palestine illegally, in violation of the immigration quotas for Jews set by the White Paper of 1939....

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The JDC Archives Names Indexing Project: A Personal Retrospective

The JDC Archives Names Indexing Project: A Personal RetrospectiveMay 26, 2016 Archives volunteer Claus Hirsch shares personal and professional insights. Type in the name and your family history unfolds. A genealogist’s dream. The JDC Archives has been spearheading an effort to digitize historical records of Jewish genealogical interest. Names of JDC aid recipients’ from voluminous lists throughout the world form the core of the project. A cadre of four volunteers, including myself, began the indexing work in January 2010. Six years later, joined by other volunteers, we remain committed to expanding the database. The JDC Archives Names Index, made...

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A Grandfather’s JDC Legacy

A Grandfather’s JDC LegacyMar 27, 2016   “I need not tell you that everybody loves Kowalsky in Poland, and how can they help it? His love is not only an emotional love but a love of respect and admiration. I am exceedingly pleased with his wonderful achievements, and appreciate very much the privilege of having Kowalsky connected with our work in Poland. At present he is director of the Brest-Litowsk district… In addition to his being efficient and successful in his work, he is an example of devotion to the cause, and is an inspiration to all other boys...

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Finding Her “Joint Family” in the Archives

Finding Her “Joint Family” in the ArchivesMar 23, 2016 Judy Adler Sheer was born in Bamberg, Germany, in a Displaced Persons (DP) Camp to Hungarian survivors of the Holocaust. After some time in Amsterdam, Judy and her family moved to the United States in 1955. Join Judy as she recounts her journey and how searching in the JDC Archives helped her learn more about her extended “Joint Family.” Judy Adler Sheer is a retired Jewish communal executive who lives in Riverdale, New York. This story has been shared with her...

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Issachar Ryback’s Agro-Joint Album

Issachar Ryback’s Agro-Joint AlbumMar 18, 2016     The Russian-French painter Issachar Ryback’s illustrated album, On the Jewish Fields of the Ukraine (1926), explores the daily ritual of farming for Jewish agriculturists. The portfolio, which features 25 reproductions of drawings and paintings of field laborers, is imprinted with Ryback’s expressionist style and cubist tendencies. A member of the Novembergruppe (German Expressionists), and an important figure in the Kultur-lige, Ryback’s career spanned countries, decades, and artistic genres. His album is a product of those varied experiences. Part of the JDC archival collection, the portfolio commemorates JDC’s efforts to strengthen the...

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Entwined: Sabah, JDC, and Me

Entwined: Sabah, JDC, and MeJan 6, 2016 To Naomi Levin, growing up as a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor always seemed normal. Yet she soon learned that her Sabah (grandfather) and his life were not ordinary at all. Join Naomi as she reflects on her Sabah’s, William (Wolf) Ungar, tale of survival and how she discovered their “Joint” connection to JDC in our Archives. Explore your own family history in the JDC Names Index. Naomi Levin is currently a Program Specialist, Global Immersive Experiences, for JDC’s Entwine. This story has been shared with her...

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Records of JDC’s Role in “Operation Magic Carpet” Airlift Now Digitized

Records of JDC’s Role in “Operation Magic Carpet” Airlift Now DigitizedOct 16, 2015 JDC’s newly digitized Aden records detail JDC’s rescue and relief operations in the British Crown colony of Aden. Aden was the backdrop for Operation Magic Carpet, “the largest human airlift in history,” which brought almost 49,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel from December 1948-September 1950. JDC organized and financed the operation. Browse images of Operation Magic Carpet. Listen to Alaska Airlines president and pilot James Wooten’s moving account of one of the first flights of Operation Magic Carpet in 1949! This collection includes detailed passenger lists of the...

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