Just Like Henry

Three young women in an informal setting
Courtesy of BBYO, Inc

"Just Like Henry" is a new education resource, developed by the JDC, to teach the true meaning of "Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh B'Zeh" (All Israel is Responsible One for the Other) to children and youth. The program demonstrates how to put this principle into action by showing Jewish needs around the world today, and gives opportunities and suggestions for personal involvement to help respond to these needs, furthering the student's internalization of the lesson.

"Just Like Henry" is a stand-alone education piece that can be used in supplementary schools, day schools, youth groups, camps, and community-wide settings. It is also perfect for the home. The suggested activities can be adopted by an entire school, class, a small number of students, or even an individual.

"Just Like Henry" is a curriculum including story, material for discussion points, extension activities, practical tools for tikkun olam projects and a glossary of Hebrew and general terms.

For more information related to "Just Like Henry", please write to archives@jdc.org.

Kol HaOlam Kulo Nozinin BeTzedaka
"The entire world is sustained through charity" - Talmud Berachot 17B