Everything Possible: JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

These hopeful travelers were among 250 from displaced persons camps in Germany and Austria brought to Marseilles by JDC. It financed their stay in France and their portage to South America. France, c. 1947. This toddler's family was part of a group of Czech concentration camp survivors headed to new homes in Australia. A failed transport ship left them stranded in Rome. JDC's Emigration Service staff worked out all the ensuing difficulties and sent them on their way. Some 25,000 displaced persons settled in Australia with JDC's help. Italy, c. 1948. Some families remained in Foehrenwald longer because of health issues. This boy and his family immigrated to Norway with the assistance of JDC. Germany, c. 1952-53.

A Welcoming Hand

Other countries welcomed Jewish displaced persons: primarily South Africa, Australia, South American countries, and Norway.