Everything Possible: JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

Foehrenwald had been one of the best-run. It became the last to close, functioning until 1957 as a home for those with no place to go. JDC maintained a presence there until 1954, helping residents financially until the end, but camp oversight was transferred to the German government by the end of 1951.  Germany, c. 1951, <em>Al Taylor.</em> Displaced persons, brought safely through great hardship and long waiting, took up their journey again after years in limbo. This time the transport train and ship would take them to their new lives in Israel. Germany, c. 1949.

Winding Down

Only four displaced persons camps were operating in 1951. By that time, over 250,000 Jewish survivors of the Holocaust had lived in camps, some stranded for months, others for years.