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Records of the Dominican Republic Settlement Association (DORSA), 1939 – 1977 | Organizations

Subcollection 3: Organizations
Record Group 3.1: Centro Israelita de la Republica Dominica
File 57: Centro Israelita de la Republica Dominica (Jewish Community Center & Synagogue), l957 - 1950; 1961
Generalissimo Trujillo contributed some $70,000 for the construction of a Jewish Community Center & Synagogue upon condition that the Jewish community buy the land and furnish the building. Towards the latter purposes, the Claims Conference contributed $3,000 and Falk, Leon Jr. $1,000, while the local community provided the essential furnishings in the main.
Index Terms:
Falk, L. Jr.
Hexter, M.
Rosenberg, J.N..
Rosenzweig, A.
Warburg, E.M.M
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Record Group 3.2: Coordinating Foundation, 1939 - 1943
File 58: General, 1939 - 1943
Correspondence, memos, reports and addenda. Draft report on Foundation activities, November 1939 - November 1940. Minutes of Executive Committee, 6/12/41, 9/24/41, 12/15/41. Note: Minutes of all the earlier meetings will be found in File 59.
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File 59: Coordinating Foundation, 1939-1943, Indexed Volume containing Articles of Association, Minutes of Meetings, 11/17/39 - 2/5/41
Indexed volume containing Articles of Association, Minutes of Meetings. 11/17/39 -2/5/41, correspondence, memos and addenda. Also see: File 1: President's Advisory Committee on Political Refugees; Files 45a-45b: Intergovernmental Committee for Refugees (IGCR); File 54: Arthur M. Lamport Special Fund, Sociedad Cooperativa, "Gemilas Chesed."; File 55: Caja Cooperativa de Prestamos Y Ahorros; Cooperativa Colmado, Cooperativa Ganadera, Cooperativa Industriel Lechera, Cooperativa SOSUA, Corporacion SOSUA; For Parroquia Israelita de la Republica Dominica, see: Central Files, Dominican Republic, Cultural & Religious Activities. President's Advisory Committee on Political Refugees 1 Sociedad Cooperativa, "Gemilas Chesed."
Index Terms:
Adler, C.
Baerwald, P.
Bentwich, N.
Hyman, J.C.
Kahn, B.
Morrissey, E.M.
Schwartz, J.J.
Strauss, L.L.
Warburg, M.M.
Zeeland, Paul van
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