Finding Aids

The JDC Archives serves as the institutional repository for the American Jewish Joint Distribution, the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. As such, it comprises one of the most significant collections in the world for the study of modern Jewish history. With records of activity in over 90 countries dating from its founding in 1914 to the present, the JDC Archives is an extraordinary and unique treasure in the archival world.

The JDC Archives has two centers, one at JDC’s global headquarters in New York and the second one in Jerusalem, which are open to the public by appointment. Reels of all microfilmed collections are accessible in both locations. Upon reviewing your application, one of our reference archivists will notify you as to which center would be most appropriate for your research needs. If you have a specific question regarding our collections, please contact us.

Selected collections are currently open to researchers online and are fully searchable via our online database, where users can also view PDF copies of the original records. Additional collections are being digitized and added. Learn more about how to search the online database by viewing our helpful video tutorials or reading our guide on how to conduct searches in the database.

Please note: we are not equipped to provide broad, in-depth research services.

Our finding aids provide information on our collections to enable users to identify materials of interest to their research. This information may include: descriptions of a collection's overall scope and content; details about individuals, topics, and organizations referenced in the records; and a file inventory.

Many of our collections are arranged by the originating global field office (e.g. Geneva, Rome, Istanbul) where the records were generated. Other collections comprise the records of specific programs, such as DORSA, the Dominican Republic Settlement Association.

Not all collections have finding aids available online. If you have further questions about collections which do not yet have finding aids, please contact us.

Access to JDC archival materials is governed by the following principles: our commitment to provide equal access and the need to protect copyrights and the privacy of individuals and institutions whose personal and/or proprietary information may appear in our records, as required by law and consistent with best practices. Please review our Access & Restrictions Policy.

Finding Aids:

To access the collections listed below, contact the JDC Archives:

  • Saly Mayer Collection, 1939-50
  • Records of the Istanbul office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1937-1949
  • Records of the Geneva office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1955-1978
  • Records of the New York office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1945-1954
  • Records of the New York office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1955-1964
  • Records of the New York office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1965-1974
  • Malben Collection, 1949-1975

JDC Records Held at the American Jewish Historical Society:

JDC Records Held at the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Poland:

JDC Records Held at the Leo Baeck Institute:

JDC Records Held at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research:

  • AJDC Reports, 1916-1960 (RG 335.1)
  • Records of the American Joint Reconstruction Foundation, 1920-1939 (RG 335.2)
  • Records of the AJDC War Orphans Bureau, 1919-1923 (RG 335.3)
  • Records of the AJDC Search Department (RG 335.4)
  • Records of the AJDC Office in Lisbon (RG 335.5)
  • Records of the AJDC Personal Service Department, 1946-1954 (RG 335.6)
  • Records of the AJDC Landsmanshaftn Department, 1926-1950 (RG 335.7)
  • AJDC newspaper clippings, 1950-1969 (RG 335.8)
  • AJDC photographs, 1920s-1950s (RG 335.9)

JDC Records Held at the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at NYU:

JDC-Related Records Held at the American Jewish Archives:

JDC-Related Records Held in Other Repositories: