2021 JDC Archives Fellows Announced

The JDC Archives is pleased to announce that it has awarded six new fellowships for 2021. JDC Archives Fellowships are awarded each year to deserving scholars engaged in graduate level, post-doctoral, or independent study to conduct research in the JDC Archives—either in New York or Jerusalem.

The following scholars have received 2021 JDC Archives Fellowships:

  • Dr. Lorena Cardano Gonzalez of the Universidad de Caldas in Colombia is the recipient of the Max and Cecil (Steuer) Chesin / JDC Archives Fellowship. Dr. Cardano Gonzalez will examine the integration of Jewish refugees from Nazism in Colombia during the postwar period.
  • Dr. Sandra Gruner-Domic, independent researcher at the USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research, is the recipient of the Bernard and Mollie Steuer / JDC Archives Fellowship. Dr. Gruner-Domic’s research will focus on the immigration of European Jews to Bolivia during and after the war.
  • Dr. Corinna Guttstadt, Managing Director of the Türkei Europa Zentrum at Hamburg University in Germany, is the recipient of the Sorrell and Lorraine Chesin / JDC Archives Fellowship. Dr. Guttstadt will examine the importance of Istanbul as a hub for rescue efforts during the Shoah—and the pivotal role of the JDC.
  • Dr. Melissa Klapper of Rowan University is the recipient of the Fred and Ellen Lewis / JDC Archives Fellowship. Dr. Klapper will explore the complex ways that Jewish identity figured into the travel experiences of American Jewish women between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of World War II.
  • Joshua Tapper, a doctoral candidate at Stanford University, is the recipient of the Ruth and David Musher / JDC Archives Fellowship. Mr. Tapper will trace the revival of Jewish institutional and political life, cultural organization, and a multi-denominational religious sphere in the final years of the Soviet Union (1985–1991).
  • Jonathan Zisook, a doctoral candidate at the Graduate Center—City University of New York (CUNY), is the recipient of the Fred and Ellen Lewis / JDC Archives Fellowship. Mr. Zisook will investigate the social, political, and religious history of Jewish life in Poland between 1968 and 1989.

Read about the projects of former JDC Archives Fellows and hear their public lectures here. See our Fellowships and Grants page for further information on our fellowship opportunities.