Our Stories


Explore dynamic presentations of JDC’s critical work assisting Jews in crisis since 1914 based on the Archives’ remarkable collection of images and documents. Additional historic images are available in our photo galleries.

A Joint Effort: JDC’s Beginnings, 1914-1921

JDC’s evolution in the dark time of World War I.

Beyond Relief: JDC in Interwar Ukraine and Crimea

JDC’s Agro-Joint gave Soviet Jews new opportunities.

Everything Possible: JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

The Joint’s work with children in displaced persons camps after WWII.

JDC Artifacts through the Years

Experience JDC’s global activities through objects and ephemera intertwined with the story of JDC.

Imagine More: The Women of JDC

JDC salutes the women who have furthered our mission for over a century.

Prevention & Partnership: JDC’s Contributions to Public Health

Explore JDC’s achievements promoting global health and fighting epidemics.

Morale-Boosting Tours: Changing Lives Through the Arts

Visit the DP camps of postwar Europe with the performing artists of JDC’s morale tours.

Unlimited Impact for All Israelis

Travel through our timeline of JDC history in Israel since our founding in 1914.

In Memoriam

We honor our fallen colleagues who lost their lives in service to JDC and to the Jewish people.