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The Henry and Marilyn Taub JDC Archives Film Project

The Henry and Marilyn Taub JDC Archives Film Project was established in 2017 through a generous gift from Steven and Benay Taub, Ira and Shelley Taub and Judy Taub Gold in honor of their parents, Henry and Marilyn Taub, in order to preserve and digitize the films in JDC’s collection.

Henry Taub was a JDC leader whose service on JDC’s Board spanned nearly four decades, from 1975 until his death in 2011. His major roles included Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee (1978), Chair of the Eastern European Area Committee (1979-1980), President (1981-1984), and Board Chair (1985-1986). The period of Taub’s most active involvement coincided with JDC’s return to Eastern Europe, beginning with Hungary (1980), Czechoslovakia (1981), and Poland (1982). In 1988, JDC was finally able to return to the USSR as well. Following his presidency, Taub remained an honorary board member. He was a significant supporter of the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies, a prestigious think tank in Israel, serving as its chair from 1993-2006.