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Terms and Conditions for Use/License

By accessing the archives (the “JDC Archives”) of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. (“JDC”), you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Please email any inquiry to 

  1. All textual, photographic, and audio-visual media records from the collections of the JDC Archives (“JDC Materials”) are the property of JDC.  The reproduction or use of any JDC Materials in any format requires prior written authorization or approval by JDC, and payment of a fee, if so required. Use of JDC Materials in your research paper, dissertation, book, article or other similar publication will not require JDC approval if the JDC materials used are appropriately cited.  Any reproductions or use of JDC Materials beyond citations of JDC Materials will require JDC’s prior written authorization.

  2. Use of JDC Materials and/or reproductions of JDC Materials may not be transferred to any other individual, agency, or organization or deposited in any other library, archive, or repository.

  3. JDC Materials may be protected by the copyright or other laws of the United States or other countries. It is your responsibility to determine, and comply with, all applicable laws and any restrictions governing any use of JDC Materials.  Failure to act in accordance with the applicable laws or other restrictions may result in litigation, for which you bear sole responsibility. The nature of historical archival collections means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine, and JDC makes no representations or warranties about the copyright or other protections or restrictions that may exist with regard to the JDC Materials in the JDC Archives.

  4. Permission granted for use of JDC Materials is limited to the specific one-time purpose approved by JDC, including but not limited to print, digital, and/or web publication; media production; and exhibit or presentation. Any subsequent or different use or reuse requires separate, written permission, and may be subject to an additional fee.

  5. Any publication, presentation, or reproduction utilizing JDC Materials, in any format whatsoever, must be credited in the following manner:  “American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Archives.”  In addition, for documents, the collection and folder number should be cited. For photographs, if provided by the JDC Archives, the photographer’s name and the reference number of the image (NY_xxxxx) must also be included. Any reproductions you distribute electronically must contain the appropriate credit as part of the image or document.

  6. JDC Materials may not be altered through any means beyond standard cropping and resizing without JDC’s prior approval. Use of photographs on the web is limited to 72 dpi.

  7. All fees for reproduction and/or use of JDC Materials must be paid in advance.

  8. You will submit to JDC one complimentary copy of any finished work based on or including JDC Materials, whether textual, photographic, or audio-visual media.

  9. You will defend and indemnify and save and hold harmless JDC and its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, from and against any and all liability, including costs and expenses, based on or resulting from your use of JDC Materials or copies furnished pursuant hereto and hereby consent to the jurisdiction and venue of any court sitting in New York, New York.