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JDC in the 1990s

Evacuation from Sarajevo to Split.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1993. Photographer: Doron Tashtit.

JDC’s first cargo of preserved kosher beef is loaded aboard the SS Ashburn.

New York harbor, June 1919

The fall of Communism and the dissolution of the former Soviet Union galvanized JDC in efforts to rebuild and reinvigorate Jewish communities throughout the region, and to assist Soviet Jewry in rediscovering their Jewish heritage. JDC responded to emergency situations in the Balkans and helped to rescue Jews from Ethiopia and elsewhere. JDC worked extensively in Vienna and Rome to support a comprehensive relief program for Soviet Jewish émigrés in transit awaiting visas for Western countries.

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1990s : Rescue, Relief, and Renewal Remain JDC’s Hallmarks as the Twentieth Century Draws to a Close

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