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Holidays and Celebrations

Children in menorah and dreidel costumes for a Chanukah play in a children’s home kindergarten program.

La Paz, Bolivia, December 1942.

An important part of JDC’s reconstruction and Jewish renewal work is the facilitating of Jewish holiday celebration and life-cycle events.  Especially in times of displacement and economic hardship, JDC has shipped matzah, wine, ritual items, and other holiday supplies to enable the festive celebration of Jewish holidays. Along with physical relief, JDC has placed a priority on responding to spiritual needs.


Everything Possible: JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

Featuring historic photographs from the JDC Archives, focuses on JDC’s significant efforts on behalf of children in the displaced persons camps established by the Allied Armed Forces after World War II. JDC was permitted to enter the camps to supplement minimal provisions with critical nutritional, medical, educational, and religious services for survivors.