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Western Europe

A young refugee boy in a soup kitchen holds a bowl to receive food at a JDC-supported facility.

Switzerland, June 1943.

Following World War I, JDC assisted Galician Jewish war refugees in Vienna. With the rise of Nazism, JDC helped the German Jewish Community adjust to new laws and developed vocational training, schools, and emigration assistance. Throughout Europe, JDC sought to save lives, provide relief, and arrange rescue options wherever possible. JDC operated in the DP camps, augmenting services for survivors and arranging emigration. JDC helped rebuild Jewish communal life in the postwar decades, assisted French Jewry absorb immigrants from North Africa, and aided Jews from behind the Iron Curtain as they passed through Vienna and Rome en route to the U.S. JDC continues to support community development in the region.


Everything Possible: JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

Featuring historic photographs from the JDC Archives, focuses on JDC’s significant efforts on behalf of children in the displaced persons camps established by the Allied Armed Forces after World War II. JDC was permitted to enter the camps to supplement minimal provisions with critical nutritional, medical, educational, and religious services for survivors.

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