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The Yishuv/Israel

Jewish refugees hoist a flag as they disembark in Haifa from the SS Mataroa.

Haifa, Palestine, July 1945.

JDC’s founding telegram from Ambassador Henry Morgenthau was a call to action to assist the Jews of the Yishuv. JDC worked to develop social welfare services and to improve the lives of those living in Palestine in those early years. From malaria eradication to establishing kindergartens and assisting in the beginnings of Hadassah, JDC has been there. It helped to absorb immigrants and took charge of major rescue efforts from Yemen and Iraq.  JDC Malben established institutions for the elderly, the sick, and the disadvantaged. JDC-Israel today partners with the government of Israel and NGOs to bring innovative new services to Israel for those at risk.


Everything Possible:
JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

Featuring historic photographs from the JDC Archives, focuses on JDC’s significant efforts on behalf of children in the displaced persons camps established by the Allied Armed Forces after World War II. JDC was permitted to enter the camps to supplement minimal provisions with critical nutritional, medical, educational, and religious services for survivors.