Juliet Golden Lectures on Sara-Zofia Syrkin-Binsztejnowa

Juliet Golden, Director of the Syracuse University Abroad Central Europe Program, lectured on the fight against epidemics in interwar Poland and the Warsaw Ghetto: Finding Sara-Zofia Syrkin-Binsztejnowa.

In this lecture, Juliet Golden explored the central role that a woman medical doctor, Sara-Zofia Syrkin-Binsztejnowa, played in fighting epidemics both in post-World War I Galicia and later in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Sara-Zofia Syrkin-Binsztejnowa was also pivotal in launching the national Jewish public health system TOZ (Jewish Health Protection Society) in Poland.

The lecture was the third program in the JDC Archives series Jewish Women in Turbulent Times: Changes, Challenges & Opportunities and was cosponsored by the Center for Medicine, Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.