Laura Almagor Lectures on Jewish DPs in Austria and Koppel S. Pinson (1904-1961)

Dr. Laura Almagor, recipient of a 2018 Fred and Ellen Lewis / JDC Archives Fellowship, gave her public lecture, “Histories on the Fringe: Jewish DPs in Austria and Koppel S. Pinson (1904-1961),” which examined the political activities of the Jewish Displaced Persons (DP) in Austria in the aftermath of World War II. The talk also focused on Koppel S. Pinson, who served as JDC’s Educational Director for Jewish Displaced Persons in Germany and Austria and was a well-known scholar of German history.

Dr. Laura Almagor is an LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics’ Department of International History. Her research in the JDC Archives was on Jewish DPs in Austria and Koppel Pinson.

The JDC Archives Fellowships allow scholars engaged in graduate level, post-doctoral, or independent study to conduct research in the JDC Archives, either in New York or Jerusalem. All fellows give a public presentation on their research; watch more of these JDC fellowship lectures here.