Linda Levi Presents “The JDC Archives: New Materials of Interest to Jewish Genealogists” at IAJGS Annual Conference

JDC Archives Global Director Linda Levi was invited to give a webinar for attendees of the annual conference of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) on August 13, 2020. Ms. Levi’s lecture was one of a small number of live presentations selected for the IAJGS virtual conference. The presentation provided an overview of JDC’s archival holdings, with an emphasis on documents that have been indexed as part of the JDC Archives Names Indexing Project, including the recently completed index of post-World War II Emigration Service case files from JDC’s Prague office, and new materials added to the Names Index.

Levi and other JDC Archives staff have given presentations at the IAGJS conferences every year for over a decade. There is considerable material in the JDC Archives collections that is of interest to Jewish genealogists, including documents from the text collections, the Names Index, photo galleries and the JDC Archives photo database, and even films and videos. Previous conferences have included screenings of clips from JDC’s historic films and more technical presentations on how to conduct searches in the JDC Archives Names Index and database.

The recording of this year’s webinar has been added to the JDC Archives Youtube channel. Watch it here: