Our Collections / Artifacts and Ephemera Collection

Donate Artifacts and Ephemera to the JDC Archives

Since the JDC’s inception, the organization has worked tirelessly to preserve its record of humanitarian aid efforts around the world through the safeguarding of correspondences and receipts, reports and refugee lists, as well as photographs and film. Having undergone an extensive digitization process, the JDC now seeks to expand its artifact and ephemera collection.

We are calling on you to share with us any artifacts or ephemera whose history is intertwined with that of the JDC. If you or a family member received aid from the JDC or was involved in the leadership of the JDC, perhaps you have relics that recount those experiences. Our photograph and text collections document history, but your anecdotes and artifacts can help bring the Archives alive for the next generation.

If you think you may have an artifact or document of interest, please fill out this online form, email us at [email protected] or call us at (212) 885-0857.

Types of Materials Collected: 

  • Drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture, and other creative works by JDC aid recipients in JDC-supported institutions
  • Materials from displaced persons (DP) camps following World War II
  • Plaques and awards presented to former JDC staff and officials
  • Posters, announcements, maps, broadsides, and advertisements of JDC-supported activities, institutions, and events
  • Textiles: JDC uniforms, badges, armbands, flags, and banners
  • Ephemera, including unique documents pertaining to JDC, letters of gratitude, and correspondence that mentions JDC
  • Ritual and ceremonial objects and other three-dimensional objects received from JDC
  • Gifts received on missions overseas