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Class held outdoors at the Beis Yaakov School.

Rabka-Zdroj, Poland, c. 1928. Photograph by Janina.

The JDC Archives contains rich historical documents and photographs relating to Jewish communities in the modern period dating from 1914 to the present. JDC’s records of its work in assisting Jewish communities, often in response to emergencies and critical periods in Jewish life, are a treasure trove of primary source material.

This original material can be used by educators in a variety of settings to bring historical events and challenges to life in a very meaningful and poignant way. In our Topic Guides, we seek to introduce briefly the historical event and provide rich primary source materials that the educator can utilize to develop lessons, curricula, programs, or readings. Included are original letters, reports, minutes of meetings, and historical photographic images. This material can be used in formal or informal education settings for ages ranging from high school to adults. The material can be used for the study of Jewish history, social responsibility, or general history.