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JDC in the 1920s

Settlers from a colony in the Krivoi Rog District.

Ukraine, 1926.

Food and clothing are distributed to hundreds of children in Uman.

Ukraine, August 1923

Following World War I, JDC expanded its relief efforts in Eastern Europe, including establishing Jewish health and welfare societies in Poland and the Soviet Union and funding public health programs in Lithuania and Romania. In Palestine, JDC began to extend subsidies to public health organizations and promoted economic and agricultural development.

In Depth

Post-World War I: Relief and Reconstruction


Beyond Relief: JDC in Interwar Ukraine and Crimea

By 1920, war, revolution, and famine had left the newly emerged Soviet Union in chaos. JDC brought aid to impoverished Jews in the region, especially desperate after years of bloody pogroms and ongoing exclusion from any government services.

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