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Yemenite Jewish refugees wait on the airstrip to board a plane to Israel during Operation Magic Carpet.

Aden, c.1949. Photograph: Al Taylor.

JDC has come to be known as the 911 of the Jewish people. At times of crisis and devastation, overseas Jewish communities have an address for assistance, be it in circumstances of war, revolution, or persecution. Highlights of JDC’s rescue efforts include work during and in the aftermath of World Wars I and II and funding and carrying out major rescue operations such as Operation Magic Carpet from Yemen and Operation Ezra and Nehemiah from Iraq, assisting Jewish refugees fleeing the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, playing a role in Operation Solomon, and rescue during the Balkan wars of the 1990s.


Everything Possible:
JDC and the Children of the DP Camps

Featuring historic photographs from the JDC Archives, focuses on JDC’s significant efforts on behalf of children in the displaced persons camps established by the Allied Armed Forces after World War II. JDC was permitted to enter the camps to supplement minimal provisions with critical nutritional, medical, educational, and religious services for survivors.