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Subcollection: Subject Matter

Extent: 76 files

These records describe JDC’s large-scale global programs and operations. Materials include correspondence with donors and other relief organizations, memos, publicity materials, meeting minutes, and field reports that reflect JDC’s responses to the acute and developing needs of vulnerable Jewish and non-Jewish communities and individuals worldwide.

The range of projects addressed in this subcollection reflect the diversity and scope of JDC’s humanitarian initiatives, including: its pioneering social service model in Israel; comprehensive relief responses across the globe; its assistance to secondary educational institutions in the Middle East; its establishment of and partnership with the European Council of Jewish Communities and other organizations concerned with coordinating among diverse European Jewish communities and institutions; and its extensive support for Jewish transmigrants from North Africa, the Soviet Union, and elsewhere who were traveling through European countries en route to Israel, North America, or other destinations.


The Subject Matter subcollection is arranged into nine record groups.

Record Group: Children

This record group documents JDC’s policies and programs regarding assistance for children and young adults during the years 1965-1974. The files include: correspondence with American Federations and communities regarding inquiries from American constituents to adopt or serve as foster parents to children orphaned by war; the founding and maintenance of Jewish summer camps throughout Europe; and the establishment of professional development and leadership resources for young adults. Some files have been restricted in accordance with our Access and Restrictions Policy

File 596: Day Care, 1970-1973

Extent: 0.10 inch

Day Care, 1970-1973

File 597: Day Care, 1965-1971

Extent: 0.30 inch

Day Care, 1965-1971

File 643: Summer Camps, Counselor Application and Evaluation Forms, undated
File 644: Summer Camps, (General and Emergency), 1965-1971
File 645: Summer Camps, Counselors (General and Emergency), 1965-1971
File 646: Summer Camps and Colonies, 1965

Extent: 0.10 inch

Summer Camps and Colonies, 1965

File 647: Summer Camps and Colonies, Printed Matter, 1965-1971

Record Group: Christians Who Helped Jews

This record group contains correspondence, news clippings, interviews, testimonials, and letters of inquiry sent to JDC during 1965-1974 regarding non-Jewish individuals who were said to have assisted Jews in Europe during and after World War II. These files are restricted in accordance with our Access and Restrictions Policy.

Record Group: Jewish Community Centers

This record group documents JDC’s role in establishing and supporting Jewish community centers throughout Europe.

File 585: Centers (Jewish) in Europe, 1965-1972
File 586: Centers (Jewish), Training of Personnel in Europe, 1966-1967
File 587: Centers (Jewish), Training of Personnel in Europe, 1969-1973
File 588: Centers (Jewish), Training of Personnel in Europe, 1966-1967
File 589: Centers (Jewish), Training of Personnel in Europe, 1965

Record Group: Medical

This record group documents JDC’s worldwide medical services and programs during 1965-1974. These files include: consultant reports requested by JDC on medical conditions in vulnerable populations around the world, including in Morocco, Romania, and Tunisia; meeting minutes of JDC’s Medical Advisory Committee; correspondence with academic institutions and hospitals regarding potential internship placements for medical, nursing, and public health students; and background research and conference proceedings on topics like nutrition, care for the aged, and mental heath issues among refugee populations.

Some files also detail the convening of numerous international conferences, including the first-ever international conference on community psychiatry in 1966, with partner organizations like the International Council on Jewish Social and Welfare Services and the World Federation for Mental Health.

Also noteworthy are discussions regarding the transition of Malben, a comprehensive network of health and recreational facilities, old-age homes, hospitals, and community and rehabilitation centers founded by JDC in 1949 to address the needs of elderly, handicapped and other vulnerable populations in the newly-established State of Israel, from JDC to the Israeli government. This transition formally concluded in 1975. (For more detailed records on Malben during this period, please see also the extensive Israel files in the 1965-1974 Countries and Regions subcollection.)

File 607: Medical, General, 1965-1973

Extent: 0.50 inch

Medical, General, 1965-1973

File 608: Medical, Mental Health, General, 1968-1970
File 609: Medical, Mental Health, General, 1965-1968
File 610: Medical, Mental Health, Conferences, Israel (Jerusalem), 1972
File 611: Medical, Mental Health, Conferences, Israel (Jerusalem), 1972
File 612: Medical, Mental Health, Conferences, Netherlands (Amsterdam), 1974
File 613: Medical, Mental Health, Conferences, Netherlands (Amsterdam), 1966
File 614: Medical, Mental Health, Conferences, Geneva (Switzerland), 1966
File 615: Medical, Nutrition, General, 1965-1974
File 616: Medical, Printed Matter, 1970-1971
File 617: Medical, Publications, 1965-1972

Record Group: Relief Supplies

This record group describes JDC’s shipments and expenditures on relief supplies, such as food, powdered milk, kitchen equipment, and medical supplies, including a dialysis machine, to vulnerable communities and individuals worldwide during 1965-1974. Files also include donor correspondence, ship manifests, accounting records and receipts, and reports submitted to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) regarding relief shipments.

File 622: Relief Supplies, General, 1966-1974
File 623: Relief Supplies, Donations, General, 1965-1974
File 624: Relief Supplies, Donations, Clothing, 1965-1971
File 625: Relief Supplies, Donations, Medical, 1965-1974
File 626: Relief Supplies, Medical, 1965-1968
File 627: Relief Supplies, Fish and Flour, 1965-1972
File 628: Relief Supplies, Passover, Matzoth, 1968-1974
File 629: Relief Supplies, Passover, Matzoth, 1965
File 630: Relief Supplies, Reimbursement of Shipping Expenses, 1965-1974
File 631: Relief Supplies, Records and Musical Supplies, 1969

Record Group: Relief in Transit

This record group details JDC’s “Relief in Transit” program, a system of dispatching packages, often containing clothing, food, and medicine, to individuals and communities during 1965-1974. The files include JDC staff reports accounting correspondence, lists of expenditures, and receipts. Files have been restricted in accordance with our Access and Restrictions Policy.

Record Group: Scholarships

This record group details JDC’s support for scholarships for study in American Jewish communities from applicants in Israel. Files have been restricted in accordance with our Access and Restrictions Policy.

Record Group: Transmigrants

This record group describes JDC’s comprehensive program of financial support, medical care, welfare services, educational, cultural, and religious resources, vocational training, and housing assistance for North African, Middle Eastern, and Soviet Jews in transit while awaiting visas during 1965-1974.

The files also document JDC’s partnerships in this enterprise with other relief agencies, philanthropic foundations, and intergovernmental organizations, such as the Jewish Agency, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), the Ford Foundation, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The records detail the implementation, scope, and oversight of this extensive relief program, including reports on the status of accommodations for refugees and the number of arrivals and departures in the Vienna and Rome offices, including their country of origin, itinerary, and final destination and correspondence with Congressional representatives regarding relevant refugee legislation. Notable correspondence includes a July 25, 1967 letter from Samuel L. Haber, JDC’s Executive Vice-President, addressed to Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Jacob K. Javits and to Secretary of State Dean Rusk regarding an Emergency Fund for Middle Eastern Refugees.

These files also complement materials in the Austria and Italy record groups in the NY 1965-1974 Countries and Regions Subcollection.

Some files have been restricted in accordance with our Access and Restrictions Policy.

File 648: Tracing Requests for Jews in Arabic Countries, 1967
File 649: Transmigrants, General, 1971-1974
File 650: Transmigrants, General, 1965-1970

Extent: 1.50 inches

Transmigrants, General, 1965-1970

File 651: Transmigrants, Publications, General, 1965-1974
File 652: Transmigrants, Reports, Involuntary Int'l Migration by Henry P. Davis, 1969
File 658: Transmigrants, Soviet, General, 1965-1974

Record Group: Other Topics

This record group comprises assorted information on various religious, cultural, welfare, and Jewish renewal projects and programs developed by JDC during the years 1965-1974.

File 584: Cemeteries, 1965-1968

Extent: 0.20 inch

Cemeteries, 1965-1968

File 598: Displaced Persons, 1966-1968

Extent: 0.10 inch

Displaced Persons, 1966-1968

File 599: Jewish Education, General, 1965-1972
File 600: Jewish Education, Printed Materials, 1965-1972
File 601: Elderly, 1965-1974

Extent: 0.50 inch

Elderly, 1965-1974

File 602: Emigration, 1965-1974

Extent: 1.00 inch

Emigration, 1965-1974

File 605: Grant Requests (Misc), 1969

Extent: 0.10 inch

Grant Requests (Misc), 1969

File 606: Holocaust Publications, 1965-1974
File 618: Missions, Financial, 1973

Extent: 0.15 inch

Missions, Financial, 1973

File 619: Missions, 1973-1974

Extent: 0.30 inch

Missions, 1973-1974

The cataloguing of this collection was made possible through grants from Donald M. and Sylvia Robinson, Marshall M. Weinberg, and an anonymous donor.

The digitization of this collection was made possible through funding from the Polonsky Foundation.

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